Fairhaven’s Veterans Day Ceremony Makes Front Page

Each year for Veterans Day, client Integrace Fairhaven hosts a ceremony to honor community residents who served our country. It is one of their most moving and well-attended events, and this year was no different. At this event, attendees honor the Veterans who lived in at Fairhaven and passed away that year, with 12 honorees

Refresh Your Marketing and Your Morning Routine

Meet Michele Poet: Art Director and DIYer!  At Devaney & Associates we’re great at bringing you monster marketing results, but we’re great at a lot of other things, too! This month, see how art director Michele Poet uses her creativity to make everything from eye-catching advertising campaigns to soothing bath bombs! Plus, she’ll teach you

Cold Case: A D&A Haunting

A lot of people ask us, “is the mansion really haunted?” Because it’s impossible to give a definitive answer, we’ve compiled all the evidence and will let you decide for yourself. You may want to keep the lights on for this… are you ready? Exhibit A: A Dark History While researching the history of the