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Eric Brotman on WBAL-TV

If you are thinking about buying a house, do you know how much you can really afford to spend? In his most recent appearance on WBAL-TV, Eric Brotman of Brotman Financial Group discusses everything to consider before signing on the dotted line.

Dr. Nicole Absar on Alzheimer’s disease

In this morning’s Carroll County Times, Nicole Absar, M.D., medical director of the Senator William and Ellen Proxmire Memory Clinic at Integrace Copper Ridge, discusses how new research has proved there are actually at least two or three different forms of Alzheimer’s disease, and knowing the different presentations of each is important to getting an

Eric Brotman on WBAL-TV

Certified Financial Planner Eric Brotman of Brotman Financial Group, Inc., recently visited WBAL-TV to discuss what investors should know about the potential impacts of the presidential election on the national economy. Watch the clip below: