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Eric Brotman on WBAL-TV

Certified Financial Planner Eric Brotman of Brotman Financial Group, Inc., recently visited WBAL-TV to discuss what investors should know about the potential impacts of the presidential election on the national economy. Watch the clip below:

Ali von Paris Profiled In “Enterprising Women”

Look for Ali von Paris of Route One Apparel in the “Enterprising Women” section of today’s Baltimore Business Journal! Learn more about how she’s combined her Maryland pride, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to build a fast-growing brand.

Eric Brotman Shares his Summer Reading List on WBAL-TV

Looking for books to add to your summer reading list? This weekend on WBAL-TV, Eric Brotman of Brotman Financial Group, Inc. shared a few of his favorite books to improve your financial know-how.