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When Maryland Relay needed to generate awareness, we answered the call.

Maryland Relay is a free public service dedicated to serving Marylanders who have difficulty using a standard telephone, including those who are Deaf or hard of hearing, and those who have difficulties with speech, cognition, or mobility. Their goal is to break down the barriers to communication that far too many people—including the state’s growing senior population—still face.

The challenge: many people don’t know that Maryland Relay exists—so they struggle with their telecommunications challenges alone, frustrated and feeling isolated from their world.

Devaney & Associates set out to change that with an integrated campaign designed to get Maryland Relay’s message of empowerment across the state.

Working with Maryland Relay outreach coordinators, we collected real-life stories of how Maryland Relay had fundamentally transformed families’ lives. The tagline—“assistive calling solutions designed to empower you”—united all campaign elements.

A strategically negotiated media strategy ensured the campaign reached multiple target audiences, including seniors, special needs communities, and referral sources, such as doctors and audiologists, throughout Maryland.

As an unintended side effect, the campaign’s emotional appeal reminded staff why they get up and go to work every morning. As one state employee put it, it was truly “great stuff.”