Blog: How to Maximize LinkedIn to Boost Your Brand

Blog: How to Maximize LinkedIn to Boost Your Brand

By: Gina Kazimir, Senior PR Specialist

LinkedIn is the 800-pound gorilla of professional networking and outreach, but for many the best way to use it remains a mystery. Because LinkedIn is people- rather than company-focused, using this tool for business development efforts requires a much more individual, personal touch.

At Devaney & Associates, we include LinkedIn as part of our brand journalism and content marketing efforts for many of our clients. To help maximize the value of LinkedIn for business, we’ve developed the following checklist as a starting point:


  • Have a company LinkedIn page.
  • Make sure that key employees have a strong LinkedIn presence, including a good headshot and membership in appropriate groups.
  • Understand that information will be conveyed primarily through employees. LinkedIn does allow company sponsored updates and business ads, but these can be extremely costly.
  • Develop a content strategy and determine who will communicate what messages, when and how that will happen.

We recommend having one to five people from the company be the key brand ambassadors on LinkedIn. These are the individuals who will lead the charge in terms of outreach, group networking and content. For those individual accounts, plan on the following schedule at a minimum to maximize the value of participating:

2-3 times a week:

  • Share relevant comments/observations as open status updates and/or with groups. Repost articles of interest in your status, share observations from meetings, etc.
  • Look at activities in your groups, and contribute and comment as appropriate.


  • Check for outstanding messages, notifications, contact requests.
  • Reply to messages as necessary.
  • Review the “ways to keep in touch” tab on the right – if any are appropriate, take action (send congratulations, etc).


  • Review your profile and update if needed.
  • If possible, share a long-form post.

If you need help managing your LinkedIn presence or with content marketing and reputation management, call us today and we’ll be happy to develop a custom program for your needs!