Blog: Don’t Let the Shiny New Object Derail Your Strategy

Don’t Let the Shiny New Object Derail Your Strategy

By Gina Kazimir, Senior Public Relations Specialist

Hyper! Periscope! Medium! Meerkat! Oh, and look…WhatsApp!

If you knew that all of the above are social media apps, you spend a lot of time online. If you didn’t, you’re not alone. Nearly every week a hot new app comes along, and all too often companies feel pressure to jump right into using it, lest they be left behind.


We see a lot of “Shiny New Object Syndrome” in our business. The reality is that companies get bored with their messaging and the platforms they use long before their audience does. And many times, an exciting new platform may seem like a “must use” option, when in fact it’s not a good fit at all. But companies can spend an alarming amount of time and money pursuing these new tools, only to see them deliver no return on their investment.

There’s an easy way to make sure that Shiny New Object Syndrome doesn’t infect your organization. Just let your goals guide your strategy, and let your strategy dictate your choice of tools and platforms.

The most critical metric to use when selecting social media tools is your audience. A good resource for social media statistics is the annual Pew Research Center study. The link for the 2015 study is here:

Know who you want to reach, and why. Then evaluate if your audience matches that of the tool you’re considering. You may want to reach women ages 35-50. If so, WhatsApp and Snapchat are not good options, but Facebook and Pinterest may be. Match the medium to your audience, let your strategy dictate what you do and leave the shiny new objects on the shelf for success in content marketing.

If you aren’t sure which social media platforms best fit your strategy and audience, don’t hesitate to ask for help! Give us a call at 410-296-0800.