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Integrace Copper Ridge is on Fox 45

Our client, Integrace Copper Ridge, is a life-plan community that specializes in care for residents with Alzheimer’s disease. This morning, Dr. Nicole Absar, medical director at the Proxmire Neurocognitive Clinic at Integrace Copper Ridge, appeared on Fox 45 for National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. She discussed the prevalence of the disease, the early warning signs, and

M is for Market Segmentation and Other Fun Words

The ABCs of Advertising: M Working with an advertising agency often means measurable results, friendly customer service, and creative ideas that drive brand awareness. But it also can mean confusing jargon. Here are some common terms you may come across while working on your next campaign. Marketing Communications Marketing communications is an umbrella term that

Integrace Fairhaven is Making Headlines!

Devaney & Associates’ client, Integrace Fairhaven, made the front page of the Carroll County Times. As part of their Cultivating Creativity program, Fairhaven residents learned the ancient art of Rya rug making, thanks to a $21,500 grant from Aroha Philanthropies through its national Seeding Vitality Arts initiative. Read more about how the program inspires and enables