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Our Blog Is Going Viral! .. oh wait, no, that’s the flu…

Happy Friday! Here are some very vital V-words we are valiantly bringing you to vamp up your marketing vocabulary! (What would we do without thesauruses?) Value Media planners and buyers—the good ones, anyway—don’t always look for the highest rated TV stations or most well-known radio DJs. They look for the highest value. Spending a few

U Need to Read This!

Did U know these marketing terms that’ll make you look uber smart in your next marketing meeting? Unique Visitor One of the ways we track campaign results is by keeping count of visits to a landing page. This data will have two separate values: total visitors and unique visitors. Unique visitors is the number of

Did we hit the target?

Today’s the day! Here’s three new words to turn major heads at your next marketing meeting. Targeting When you know exactly who you want to talk to, why waste money paying to talk to, well, not them? Targeting is the method of predetermining who will see your ad based on certain criteria, such as interests,