Category: Our Clients in the News

Route One Apparel on WBAL-TV

This weekend, Ali von Paris appeared on WBAL-TV’s morning news to share a sampling of Route One Apparel‘s most popular Maryland pride merchandise. Watch the segment here:

Eric Brotman on Retirement Planning for All Ages

Do your New Year’s resolutions include increasing your retirement savings? In his most recent appearance on WBAL-TV, Eric Brotman from Brotman Financial Group explains how your retirement strategy should change as you get closer to retirement age. Click here to watch the interview:

Eric Brotman on WBAL-TV Weekend Morning News

Are you planning to give money as holiday gifts this year? Before you write that check or buy that gift card, Eric Brotman from Brotman Financial Group has a few ideas for gifting money in a more meaningful way. See his interview from yesterday’s WBAL-TV Sunday Morning News.