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Did we hit the target?

Today’s the day! Here’s three new words to turn major heads at your next marketing meeting. Targeting When you know exactly who you want to talk to, why waste money paying to talk to, well, not them? Targeting is the method of predetermining who will see your ad based on certain criteria, such as interests,

Are you lovin’ it?

Happy Friday! Want to impress the account managers during your next marketing meeting? Here are three new marketing terms to help you do that! Slogan In marketing, all written language is considered copy, but copy can come in many forms. Copywriters can write something as long-form as a multipage newsletter or an outline for a

Did this blog reach you?

New year, new marketing knowledge! Learn some terms that might come up in your next meeting with an advertising agency. Reach An ad’s reach is the number of people who were exposed to it. Don’t confuse this with impressions. Reach is an unduplicated number, meaning that each person is only counted once, no matter how